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Athenia Kelley

Athenia Kelley



What happens when you get someone that wasn’t initially all that excited about school, but loved sports and struggled with that ongoing question of “what’ll I do when high-school’s over?” Well, as I continued with the provocative questions of the “what(s), why(s) and when(s) of life, I decided to study psychology. Along this journey, I obtained my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from CSPP/Alliant International University in San Francisco.  This certainly stirred my ambition, quest for knowledge and desire to apply it.  My back-ground in psychology has certainly assisted me in my 14-year practice of real estate. Clients always want to know that you have the negotiation skills and expertise to help them navigate through the process of buying or selling their home.

Realistically, sometimes transactions can travel at a rapid pace. I know the necessity of a calm balance. I’m fortunate that my office is ideally located. By taking a walk around the square or gathering with friends after work for a racquet ball challenge, I’m kept on track. Yes, the cycle repeats itself in varying degrees but it’s a rewarding life.